New Construction

Many of our clients find scarce availability of existing expansion space that fits their exact needs. North Light is here to help you plan & build your next capital investment.


Pre-Construction Services

Our project team has the experience to erect structural steel frame, reinforced concrete, steel stud, or precast concrete tilt buildings, depending on the project schedule and/or needs of the end-user.

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Safety & Communication

Every successful project relies on clear and effective communication between the Client, Architect and Contractor.  North Light prides itself on maintaining safe environments for everyone involved.


Quality Craftsmanship

Sometimes it seems craftsmanship and pride in one's work have gone away, but have faith; North Light seeks those who take pride in their eye for detail, the constant journey for knowledge and a great attitude.

A quality and lasting build starts with value for the design process.



We are fully qualified to construct your architectural plans to specification. Make your house a home, and know you are receiving high level support services and materials.

New Construction - The Right Way